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The Plains Cupid (Luthrodes pandava), also known as the cycad blue, is a captivating lycaenid butterfly found across various regions in Asia. Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indochina, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. They are among the few butterflies that breed on plants of the cycad class.

  1. Distribution:

  2. Description:

    • Male Upperside:
      • Lavender blue wings.
      • Forewing with a narrow fuscous brown costa and a broader terminal margin.
      • Hindwing with a subterminal series of black spots edged by a white line.
      • Long, slender tails on the hindwings.
    • Female Upperside:
      • Brown wings with a blue irration extending from the base.
      • Anteciliary black line present.
    • Underside:
      • Greyish brown with transverse darker brown markings.
      • White-edged bands and spots on both forewings and hindwings.
      • Subbasal curved row of white-encircled spots.
    • Antennae: Black with white-ringed shafts.
    • Body: Brown with bluish hairs on the head and thorax.


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