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The gaur (Bos gaurus) is a remarkable bovine native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Tamil the Gaur is called Katu Maadu, meaning forest cow. Malayalam Kattu Pothu and in Kannada Kaati. The gaur, or mithun as it is commonly known in the North East region of India, is the state animal of Nagaland.

  1. Size and Appearance:

    • The gaur is the largest among wild cattle, with a shoulder height of 1.8 meters (6 feet) or more.
    • It has a dark coat with white or tan lower legs, large ears, and strongly curved horns that curve inward and backward at the tip.
    • A distinctive feature is the deep hollow region on its forehead.
  2. Distribution and Habitat:

    • Gaurs live in small herds within the mountain forests of IndiaSoutheast Asia, and the Malay Peninsula.
    • They are found in regions like the Vazhachal Forest and Parunthumpara Tea Plantation.
  3. Conservation Status:

  4. Etymology:

  5. Taxonomy:


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